Studio 94
一根蘿蔔 一根木頭 一根螺絲 用一雙手 開始
A carrot. A piece of wood. A screw. We start with our hands.

— 吳緯鴻 Wei Hung Wu
We slowly move forward and hope that someday,
someone will find the inspirational trails we left behind…

— 林雨祥 Yu Hsiang Lin
We will never know what the future holds before it begins.
There are infinite possibilities on the same path!

— 王士豪 Shih Hao Wang
在這裡不只勞碌工作,而是充滿情感地生活著 並學習如何破繭而出。
We're not just working hard here, We're living a life filled with emotions,
And learning how to break through our cocoons.

— 林楷軒 Kai Xuan Lin
In the midst of the sounds of everyday life, I ask myself:what it is that I hear?
And what is the meaning of the sounds that I've heard?

— 吳志強 Zhi Qiang Wu
Strength comes from the cooperation between tools and men.
If we do not understand the tools, then they shall attack mercilessly and accidents will occur.
When we lift the tools that have been passed on through generations of men,
we must carry the expectations of the people and fight side by side with the tools we carry.
We create our vision by cutting, drilling, and slicing with the tools as one.

— 游騰延 Yu Teng Yan
收藏 以資紀念
We collect to remember.

— 張復嘉 Fu Chia Chang
Conscience Writer

— 劉佳豪 Jia-Hao Liu